The best ROI on SEO content and guest posts you will ever get!

Our done-for-you content service can include keyword and competition research, as well as a full content plan, templates, posting & styling.

Our managed guest posting service makes link building safe and efficient, and takes the headache out of link building campaigns, while delivering results.

The one proven way to beat the algorithm: quality content, consistently!

If you aren’t growing, you’re shrinking. That’s especially true now, with AI being able to analyze your website’s content quality and whether it actually satisfies users’ queries.

2012 is long gone, and unless you’re extremely lucky, subpar content and content planning isn’t going to cut it.

Why be anxious whether the next Google update is going to tank your site, when you could do things the right way straight from the start, and target keywords that your website can actually rank for, with content that beats your competitors’ by a margin?

With enough quality content, you will start ranking sooner or later, as our case studies prove…

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Our content plans are based on real-life data and experiences from dozens of clients!

Having worked with and done the content planning and production for clients such as a $40m coffee maker startup, a major underwear Shopify store, an airline maintenance provider, and tens of others, we’ve learned a thing or two about content creation.

You can check out our case studies to learn how a kitchen knife reviews site reached $1500/month in affiliate commission within months, or how a home improvement blog reached over 10,000 visitors a month, also within a few months of consistent content posting.

Don’t be someone’s guinea pig! Work with us and tap into your full online content marketing potential.

Let Us 10X Your SEO Content Marketing


Keyword Research

We have been doing keyword research for clients for over a decade, have built and launched keyword tools, and can find the best and lowest competition keywords in any niche. Let us help you dominate your market!


Content Marketing Plans

We can build you a content plan better than anyone else. After finding the best keywords to target in your niche, we will recommend the ones to go for with each content batch, and go as far as suggesting article word counts.


Superior Content Quality

Our double editing process using native editors ensures no word is left unedited! Apart from simply following industry standards and using tools like Yoast and Grammarly, we have a strict process in place that ensures quality.

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Content Templates, Posting & Management

Tired of posting content yourself or looking for unreliable VAs? We can post the content you get from us on your site for you, styling and all. We can also create and design content templates, regardless of platform, whether WordPress, Shopify, or another one.

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DFY & On-Demand Niche Websites

We also offer Done-For-You Amazon affiliate websites. Some of these are already ranking and earning (as mentioned in case studies), and are the cleanest, fastest loading designs you’ll ever see on affiliate sites. On-demand websites are another thing we offer.

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Responsibility, Flexibility & Client Involvement

We will deliver on time, and work with you every step of the way. You will understand why we do things the way we do them, and we won’t make any decisions without your prior approval. If you’re new to SEO, you will likely learn a lot from our process as well, and get even more out of it!

Content Pricing & Packages

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What Our Clients Say

These guys provided us with dozens of excellent keywords to target, and helped us launch our affiliate program from scratch. Their content quality is top notch and the styling and content templates look great on our blog. Looking forward to doing a lot more work together!

Roderick de Rode, CEO & Founder of Spinn Inc.

We have been working with WAB for a while now and they have always delivered quality content and websites. Everything, including the customer support has been excellent. We are very happy with the WAB team.

Jaan P., CEO & Founder of Priority Prospect

I have been using WAB’s writing service for over a year now. I set up a brand new site only using their articles and it has been steadily rising in rankings and getting more traffic. It is important to note that I built no links to the site and it is getting natural backlinks. These guys are masters at finding low competition KWs and placing them naturally in the article.

Emre Anlar, SEO and Affiliate Marketer

I’ve been following WAB’s founders since before this service was started because of their glowing reviews and case studies, and decided to finally place an order.

They went ahead and supplied me the lowest competition KWs with which I was able to rank easily without building any links.

The content the team drafted for my website had a nice flow overall, was well laid out, and stuck to the point with no fluff making it enjoyable to read, with my target keywords sprinkled in between.

Communication has also been smooth via Skype & they made sure to answer all my queries. Thanks guys!

Yasin Girach, Affiliate Marketer

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