Best Knife Affiliate Programs

Knives are pretty diverse. You can use them for making food, hunting, self-defense, or as tactical tools in the great outdoors. What that diversity means for you is that you get access to affiliate programs through different niches. 

Whether you are a food blogger, self-defense enthusiast, or someone who loves showing their followers the vast nature of the world, you can advertise knives and make yourself some profit. Of course, the best way to do so is through affiliate marketing. 

You have to sign up for an affiliate program, advertise products through special affiliate links, and get a commission on the sale when your followers make purchases through these links. 

However, the critical part is finding a good affiliate program or multiple programs. After all, why restrict yourself to just one? This is the part we step in. We’re here with the best knife affiliate programs, so you can choose one and start earning today.

This article aims to educate you on the merits of affiliate marketing and the best ways to use it to your gain. We’ll show you what affiliate links are and how to get these links from businesses. Lastly, we’ll touch on making money with this form of digital marketing, showing you what to expect and the best ways to go about it. Let’s begin with the basic stuff – what is affiliate marketing?

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8 Best Knife Affiliate Programs

Of course, our quest wasn’t easy. Even though knives are pretty useful, filtering out the best affiliate programs with a decent commission and great cookie lengths was just a tad difficult. However, we persevered and managed to find eight of the best programs for you to join.

1. Fiddleback Forge Affiliate Program

Fiddleback Forge Affiliate Program

The Fiddleback Forge specializes in hand-made knives. Andy started the business in 2007. After nearly two decades in the industry, he makes the best products out there. These knives are not just phenomenal to look at. They are so functional that you can’t help using them.

Their affiliate program is as excellent as their knives. Fiddleback Forge offers a ten percent commission on their products. This percentage can translate into decent profits considering the products are over two hundred dollars. In addition to that, their referral links are active for thirty whole days. So you just let the sales pile up for thirty days. 

If you want to join the program, you must register through their website. After your approval, you can incorporate the links into your social media and website posts. Affiliates get two payment options. You can choose to get paid through either PayPal or Fiddleback Forge gift cards.

Commission: 10%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Fiddleback Forge Affiliate Program

2. Blade City Affiliate Program

Blade City Affiliate Program

Blade City is home to some of the best brands in the knife industry. These brands include big names like Boker, CRKT, Kershaw, etc. With a vast selection featuring more than five thousand knives, you will be sure to find the right products for your audience. However, this brand is more suitable for tactical knife users focused on hunting, self-defense, and survival. 

Blade City has partnered up with AvantLink for its affiliate programs. After signing up for the program, you should be eligible to get their referral links, banners, and anything else you need to promote them. Furthermore, if you successfully garnering sales, you will get an eight to twelve percent commission on each sale. Moreover, the cookie length is twenty-eight days, so you have plenty of time to rack up those numbers.   

Commission: 8% – 12%

Cookie window: 28 days

Affiliate program: Blade City Affiliate Program

3. Buck Knives Affiliate Program

Buck Knives Affiliate Program

Buck Knives is a household name when it comes to blades. The company has been in the knife-making business since 1902, with more than a century of experience. As such, we can rest assured that the brand hasn’t lasted this long by producing substandard knives. The company features exclusive knife collections, and they have the option for custom knives. 

Given how prestigious the Buck name is in the knives industry, we went in with high expectations from their affiliate program, and we weren’t disappointed. The program offers a ten percent commission on each sale. Considering the site’s average order value being more than a hundred and twenty dollars, that ten percent will translate into a decent income. That commission combined with a thirty-day cookie length is a pretty sweet deal.

Commission: 10%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Buck Knives Affiliate Program

4. SOG Knives and Tools Affiliate Program

SOG Knives and Tools Affiliate Program

SOG started by attempting to recreate a unique knife used during special ops in the Vietnam war. However, in the thirty-five since then, the company has developed a whole line of tactical tools, including knives. A genuine endorsement of their quality is that the U.S. military uses their tools. 

Their affiliate program is of nearly equal quality. They have partnered with AvantLink for their program and offer a ten percent commission on sales and a five percent commission on coupons and deals. The average order value is nearly a hundred dollars. Moreover, the referral links have a thirty-day cookie length. 

Commission: 10% (5% of coupons or deals)

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: SOG Knives and Tools Affiliate Program

5. Schrade Affiliate Program

Schrade Affiliate Program

Another old name in the knife industry, Schrade, has been going strong since 1892. Their hundred and thirty-year-long history includes two World Wars and other important events. They have kept releasing tough, durable knives with a lifetime warranty to assure you of their quality. 

Another partner of AvantLink, Schrade, has a tempting affiliate program. They have a seven percent commission rate. However, there is a chance to bump it to ten percent if your affiliate links perform well. Seven percent may not seem like much, but the order values are usually high, so you will get a decent income. Furthermore, the program has a thirty-day cookie length. In addition, the program is managed by an in-house affiliate manager who’ll help you make things go smoothly. 

Commission: 7% – 10%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Schrade Affiliate Program

6. F.N. Sharp Affiliate Program

F.N. Sharp Affiliate Program

The first kitchen knife brand on our list, F.N. Sharp, offers kitchen knives that are as sharp as they are beautiful. These knives are made from sixty-seven layers of premium Japanese steel, and they are meant to be long-lasting and functional. Given all that, these knives will be a great addition to your audience’s kitchens. 

The brand offers a great affiliate program. They offer the best commission rates ranging from ten to twenty-five percent. Combine that with a thirty-day cookie length, and you will be earning great in terms of passive income. 

Commission: 10% – 25%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: F.N. Sharp Affiliate Program

7. BladeHQ Affiliate Program

BladeHQ Affiliate Program

As the name indicates, BladeHQ has almost every blade you can think of in every style you can think of. Additionally, they feature knife maintenance supplies and accessories. BladeHQ is home to some pretty big names, including Spyderco, Boker, Benchmade, Microtech, Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, Protech, Gerber, and We Knife Co. In addition to these brands, their website features plenty of other brands, making it a haven for knife lovers.

They have partnered with ShareASale to launch their affiliate program. You will get a five percent commission and a thirty-day cookie length by signing up for the program. The five percent commission may seem small, but you will be making a fair amount if you can get a high conversion rate. 

Commission: 5%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: BladeHQ Affiliate Program

8. Leatherman Affiliate Program

Leatherman Affiliate Program

Leatherman is famous for its multipurpose knives. Based in Oregon, the brand has been in business since 1983. They have continuously put out an array of multipurpose tools during this period. On the website, you can choose between combo and straight knives. Any of these will be great for outdoor adventures. 

Looking at their affiliate program, the brand offers a five percent commission on its sales. The commission rate may be low, but they have a more generous cookie length of forty-five days. After signing up for the program, you will get access to the complete product collections and exclusive offers and promotions. Feel free to recommend other tools on your blog, as they are designed to help you hike or camp out. 

Commission: 5%

Cookie window: 45 days

Affiliate program: Leatherman Affiliate Program

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That concludes our list of the best knife affiliate programs currently in the market. However, while all of these offers are tempting, remember that you need to choose an affiliate program that goes with your blog or social media niche. 

Moreover, you don’t need to just stick to the knives. Most of these websites offer knife accessories and other tools that would go well with your niche. Feel free to promote them through affiliate links too. 

You also don’t need to stick to a single program. If you want to generate a significant income, we recommend joining multiple affiliate programs. After all, you are an independent marketer. Based on that principle, be sure to utilize various platforms for affiliate marketing as that way, you will get access to a greater audience.