Best Fashion Affiliate Programs to Earn Big Money

You’ve finally done it. Your fashion blog’s up and running, and now, you have enough content and traffic to think about monetizing the blog, so you can start earning some profit. Using ads and brand promotions is pretty cool, but affiliate marketing will help you earn passive income promoting products you genuinely love. There are fashion affiliate programs that you can work with directly to earn a commission. But let’s start at the top to learn how this whole thing works.

What Are Fashion Affiliate Programs?

It’s pretty common for fashion brands, manufacturers, and sellers to set up affiliate programs. You sign up for these programs, and afterward, you can take product affiliate links and post them to your blog. If one of your followers or readers clicks on that link and buys the product, you earn a commission on that sale. 

Your primary job is to ensure that your audience clicks on that link. For that, it would be best to see what your audience is interested in and proceed with products that are relevant to their interest. 

There are different affiliate programs in the fashion niche, including clothing affiliate programs, shoe affiliate programs, and programs for other accessories. The sign-up process can also be different. Some programs let you post your unique link as soon as you sign up. On the other hand, some programs require that you cross a certain follower number before giving you access to the program.

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Best Fashion Affiliate Programs to Get Fat Commissions

Of course, there are tons of clothing and accessory affiliate programs out there. It’s just a matter of finding the programs that fit your blog’s style and have a decent commission. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top fashion affiliate programs on the market. 

1. Look At Me

Look At Me Fashion Affiliate Program

Look At Me may be new, but their conditions are simply incredible. They have clothing, shoes, and accessories, so you will be sure to find products that you and your audience will like. 

The program pays a twenty percent commission on each sale through the link for sixty days. If your audience member clicks your link and doesn’t buy anything immediately, you’ll still get your commission if they go back to the store and purchase anything within 60 days. This holds even if the actual purchase wasn’t through your link.

However, the story continues even after the initial sixty days. If a user signs up using your referral link, you will still get a five percent commission even after the sixty-day limit, and these are classified as your permanent referrals. 

Additionally, you get a cool dashboard that’s super user-friendly. You can use the dashboard to track your commissions and referrals. It also lets you compare the stats for that day and the day before that. 

Commission: 20%; 5% for permanent referrals after sixty days

Cookie window: 60 days

Affiliate program: Look At Me

2. LTK

LTK Fashion Affiliate Program

Formerly known as RewardStyle, LTK is a platform for connecting influencers with affiliate programs. The site features top fashion affiliate programs, some with pretty fat commissions, but it hasn’t just limited itself to that. Instead, it has a lot of other categories, which means that creators from different niches will find something for themselves.  

The platform features more than five thousand retailers and over a million brands, including Ulta, Reebok, Urban Outfitters, etc. The platform is popular, so it is tough to get in. However, it has some of the highest commissions in this niche.

There is no fixed commission since you will be working with multiple retailers and brands. However, a rough estimate would be five to twenty percent on each sale. Furthermore, you will probably need a decent following to get in. 

Commission: 20% on all verified sales

Cookie window: 45 days

Affiliate program: LTK

3. Zappos

Zappos Fashion Affiliate Program

Zappos may have started as a shoe retailer, but it eventually expanded to include clothing and other items. Eventually, Amazon bought Zappos. Since Amazon also has an affiliate marketing program, you may be wondering why you should affiliate yourself with Zappos’ separate program. The answer is shoes. 

Zappos is still known as the best choice for shoes. So if you are promoting shoes, you will be better off entering the Zappos affiliate program. Moreover, you can get approximately seven percent commission on Zappos, while Amazon caps out at four percent for shoes. 

Unfortunately, the cookie length is shorter than many other options here. So you will only get your commission for fourteen days after making the referral. The upside of using Zappos is that your audience is more likely to buy the products since Zappos is a pretty trusted name. 

Commission: 7%

Cookie window: 14 days

Affiliate program: Zappos

4. NewChic

Newchic Fashion Affiliate Program

Newchic is a global online shopping website that is rapidly expanding. It also happens to have one of the best clothing affiliate programs for fashion bloggers. With this high-paying program, you can score as much as fifty percent commission on sales. The best thing is that you can join the program for free. 

The retailer features dozens of brands that also accommodate plus-size women. Additionally, it has everything ranging from clothes to accessories bringing everything under one roof. Additionally, the program is well-designed, so it should be easy for you to follow.

The retailer announced that all new members would get an eighteen percent commission on the sales for a month. They also have a decent cookie length of thirty days, making the program a good source of passive income. 

Commission: 18% – 50%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: NewChic

5. Nordstrom

Nordstrom Fashion Affiliate Program

One of the most popular fashion retailers out there, Nordstrom certainly has products you want to promote. However, since the store is a bit more high-end, you need followers willing to spend more money here. You can promote products from various categories like apparel, cosmetics, and more.

Since the store is a premium retailer, it happens to be picky about who it chooses as its affiliate. The commission rates will range from two to eleven percent, which seems low, but you’ll be getting enough because the products are expensive. Additionally, they have a cookie length of fourteen days. 

The minimum payment threshold is twenty-five bucks, but you can adjust it for higher if you think it is appropriate. You can market the products through emails, product links, and banners & images. 

Commission: 2% – 11%

Cookie window: 14 days

Affiliate program: Nordstrom

6. Shopstyle Collective

Shopstyle Fashion Affiliate Program

Shopstyle Collective is another network for influencers. The platform has some of the top fashion affiliate programs with high commissions in its network. No matter what fashion niche you cover, you can be sure of finding something that will interest your audience. 

The network has two programs: pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-sale (PPS). The pay-per-click program offers lesser commissions that can increase depending on how many clicks turn into sales. On the other hand, the pay-per-sale method pays more commission, but it is harder to turn clicks into sales. The network is slowly phasing out the pay per click program, so you can’t go back if you shift to pay per sale.

The commission varies because you will be working with various programs. However, it roughly translates to seven to twenty percent commission per sale. The cookie length is also variable, as you will find out after signing up. The minimum threshold for payment is a hundred dollars. Another plus to using this program is the dashboard. You can check your stats for the last thirty or so days on the dashboard. 

Commission: Variable 7% – 20%

Cookie window: Undisclosed

Affiliate program: Shopstyle Collective

7. Zaful

Zaful Fashion Affiliate Program

Let’s talk about the fashion giant, Zaful. Zaful has one of the largest collections of clothing out there. Both their men’s and women’s categories are filled with thousands of brands, making their affiliate program one of the top clothing affiliate programs. 

The program has more than a million users, and they pay out hefty commissions on sales. To be specific, you can score commissions ranging from ten to thirty percent. The rate depends on the piece you helped sell. The cookie length for this program is thirty days which is generous compared to some other programs. 

With Zaful, you can earn money via three methods. First is through promotion. This method includes creating a personal link and posting that on your social media or website. Second, you can share to earn money. Here you can get links to specific products and post those on your socials. This method can get you the highest commissions. Third, you can get an affiliate link and share it with your circle to get some cash on their purchases. 

Zaful is not limited to influencers. You can get money even if you are an agency or an individual. For agencies, they provide services like API and postback. Influencers usually hit the jackpot as they can also get free clothes as long as they agree to advertise wearing those. Individuals can also get free swag, but their channel will have to meet some requirements. 

Commission: 10% – 30%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Zaful

8. ModCloth

ModCloth Fashion Affiliate Program

ModCloth is up there on the list of top clothing affiliate programs, mainly because of its incredible variety. The good thing is that if you or your followers are a fan of vintage clothing, you stand to earn a lot from this program. 

ModCloth is suitable for people who want to get their applications approved easily and quickly. The approval period for the ModCloth affiliate program is forty-eight hours. After your approval, they will send you an email outlining your commission structure. 

According to them, their commission starts at six percent and can go up according to your performance. The commission may be a bit low, but they also offer great discounts on your purchases. Additionally, their cookie length is forty-five days which the longer than most programs. 

Commission: 6%

Cookie window: 45 days

Affiliate program: ModCloth

9. Halara

Halara Fashion Affiliate Program

Halara is a female-founded brand focused on making activewear that women are comfortable in regardless of their size. However, they haven’t restricted themselves to just sportswear. They have expanded to include things like dresses, tank tops, etc. The variety and customizable clothing make Halara’s affiliate program one of the top women’s clothing affiliate programs.

With Halara, you can get commissions on products at the twenty percent mark. All you have to do is apply for the program and wait for the approval. After that, they can give you text links or ads that you can post on your website or social media. When people click on these and go through with a purchase, you receive a commission. 

This brand’s cookie length is thirty days. You can withdraw your funds from the affiliate network; the withdrawal terms are dependent on them.

Commission: 5% – 20%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Halara

10. Shein

Shein Fashion Affiliate Program

Shein is a fast-fashion company known for its affordable clothing options. The company mostly focuses on women’s clothing and has options for kids and men. It also offers shoes and accessories to its clients. They happen to have an affiliate program for marketing their products.

The Shein affiliate program pays generous commissions ranging from ten to twenty percent depending upon the article sold. You can also get a bonus every month by sharing their promotions. In addition to all that, they offer extra profitable activities like updating banners and coupons. 

Joining Shein’s affiliate program is free, and the cookie length is thirty days. That means you will keep getting a commission if people purchase products through your link during these days. 

Commission: 10% – 20%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Shein

11. Browns Fashion

Browns Fashion Affiliate Program

Browns Fashion is a fashion retail store that mainly deals with luxury brands. It doesn’t matter if your audience consists of men or women. Brown’s Fashion has something for everyone. Since this website does deal in luxury items, you will have to build an audience that doesn’t mind spending big bucks to make sure those clicks turn into actual sales.

Browns Fashion has a commission on par with its competitors, which does not include any taxing or shipping fees. The actual percentage for the commission is seven which may seem meager but can translate into a hefty commission when you consider prices. The cookie length is thirty days, so you should receive passive income through your affiliate link for a month.

The company has a dedicated affiliate team that will work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly. Plus, you will be in the loop for every new launch or anything else you need to know to market the products effectively.

Commission: 7%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Browns Fashion

12. J.McLaughlin

J.McLaughlin Fashion Affiliate Program

Functioning since 1977, J.McLaughlin has been providing the fashion world with high-quality and fashionable clothing for decades. Their primary focus is to provide people with classic yet modern clothes. We recommend this affiliate program for beginners because it is easy to get into and understand. 

Despite being simple to operate, the program pays out a hefty fifteen percent commission. However, it may vary for different articles. Additionally, your affiliate link will remain active for thirty days which is a pretty great deal. 

In addition to the commissions, you will get collaboration opportunities and first looks at upcoming collections. You also get access to over sixteen hundred stores and special invites to events there. There’s also a chance to be featured on their website and social media.

Commission: 15%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: J.McLaughlin

13. Reebok

Reebok Fashion Affiliate Program

If you are in the fashion world, you must have heard of Reebok. The brand is committed to providing people from every walk of life with the fashion they need to play sports. So if your audience is interested in sportswear, this is your chance to point them in the right direction. 

Reebok offers a seven percent commission on each sale. This percentage is surprising because they are a pretty big brand and thus, don’t really need that much marketing. Additionally, the products cost enough, so you will still get plenty. Their average sale is eight dollars. They have a thirty-day limit on their links, so you are good.  

In addition to the usual commission, you get five bucks for every blogger you refer to their program. Of course, the blogger has to be approved first before payment. Furthermore, Reebok doesn’t just hand you the links and then disappear. They have a team for the sole purpose of facilitating the affiliate program, so you can get help from them if you are in trouble.

Commission: 7%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Reebok

14. Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard Fashion Affiliate Program

Colorful Standard is a brand known for producing unisex clothes out of sustainable material. The brand is best for people who want to buy eco-friendly clothing that looks fashionable as well. This is the best clothing affiliate program for bloggers with a more environmentally friendly audience.

You can earn a hefty commission worth twenty percent of the sale. However, the percentage may change depending on the pieces you help sell. Your cookie will last fourteen days so that you’ll profit off of any purchases made through your link in this period. They offer you a product feed and incentive codes to facilitate those sales.

As a plus, you will be getting vouchers and cashback offers on purchases. The brand claims that they treat their affiliate partners as a family, and their compensation is based on your performance.

Commission: 20%

Cookie window: 14 days

Affiliate program: Colorful Standard

15. Jane Preferred

Jane Preferred fashion Affiliate Program

Jane Preferred is a digital marketplace for women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor, and baby products. The marketplace has more than two thousand shops onboard, including some big brand names. The motto behind them is to find fun in fashion, and they believe in helping people look effortlessly stylish and sleek.

By joining their affiliate program, you get access to thousands of products. This variety means it will be easier for you to find things that your audience will love. Additionally, Jane Preferred launches more than six hundred products every day and over four hundred exclusive deals, so you will never run out of content. 

The platform offers a fifteen percent commission on sales. You can use the link to gain passive income as the link remains active for fifteen days. Moreover, they have an experienced affiliate team to help you perform better. 

Commission: 15%

Cookie window: 15 days

Affiliate program: Jane Preferred

16. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Fashion Affiliate Program

Hugo Boss has been in business since the 1920s. In 1960, they cemented their place as the best in men’s fashion. However, they have expanded their clothing line and even launched an apparel line for women since then. Not just clothes, they have everything ranging from watches to motorcycle helmets.

Hugo Boss offers an eight percent commission on their products. However, if you are exceptional at driving up sales, they would be willing to move the commission up to twelve percent. Additionally, their cookies are good for thirty days, meaning you will get a commission for people buying through your link during this period. 

Since the store is expensive, you will be getting a significant commission. You just have to make sure your audience doesn’t mind spending some big bucks for the sake of fashion. 

Commission: 8% – 12%

Cookie window: 30 days

Affiliate program: Hugo Boss

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That sums up our list of fashion affiliate programs to sign up for some serious earning. However, simply knowing affiliate programs is not enough. You need to build a stable audience that is willing to spend money on your recommendations. Additionally, you need to know what your followers want. You can’t recommend dresses to an audience interested in streetwear.

If you sign up for affiliate programs through affiliate networks, you will need to look into their requirements too. That includes a successful payout requirement since some have a minimum threshold that you need to cross to get paid. One advantage of affiliate programs is that you are not restricted to sales for a single brand. So be sure to take full advantage of that and sign up for multiple programs to up your earning.