Best 10 Health Websites of 2022

In this age, there is a digital solution to almost everything. You don’t want to wait in lines? Shop online. If you wish to learn something new? Join a virtual course. If you’re not feeling too well? Healthcare websites have got your back. 

The list goes on when it comes to online services. However, there are certain aspects that you should always keep in mind before fully trusting these sites, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like health and finance. 

This article will take you over the best 10 health websites of 2022. People are slowly beginning to trust medical and healthcare websites as they are both convenient and reliable. Depending on the website you visit, you’ll find several services, including consultations, medical information, healthcare tips, and more. 

Online consultation has taken the internet by storm, especially after the covid-19 pandemic. However, not every fancy website you visit is trustworthy. Hence, make sure to thoroughly research a physician before consulting them online. You should also read reviews about the website itself so you don’t fall for any scams or deceiving tactics. With that said, we took it upon ourselves to find the best health websites of 2022 for you.

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Best 10 Health Websites of 2022

1. Healthline

Healthline is one of the top-rated health information websites of 2022. They are committed to creating a healthier and stronger world and provide credible information on almost every health-related subject. 



  • Huge Information Base 

What sets Healthline apart from other healthcare websites is its vast information base. They cover almost every medical-related topic, including cancer, covid-19, arthritis, diabetes, and many more. There are thousands of articles that you can read about. 

With all the other topics covered, Healthline does not stay behind in fitness either. You can read articles on nutrition, mental well-being, sexual health, physical fitness, women’s and men’s wellness, and sleep, to name a few. Not just that, their product reviews are also a highlight. Speaking about health, you can also check out the “plans” section that includes diets, fitness plans, personal care, and lifestyle quizzes to help you get on track with healthy living. 

  • Helpful Drug Section 

The website has a section named “Drugs A-Z.” As the name signifies, you will find everything about drugs – their side effects, dosages, FAQ, uses, etc. You can also compare multiple drugs to understand which might work better. The medications for comparison are mentioned on the website. There is also a lot of helpful information in the Q/A section. The website also recommends whether you should take the drug or not, depending on your medical history. However, this information is usually general, and we highly recommend consulting a physician instead of self-medicating. 

  • Dedicated Section for Nutrition 

If you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you can find several helpful articles under the nutrition section. Healthline covers almost every major topic regarding nutrition and how you can make your life better through your daily food intake. Apart from this, they also have valuable nutritional tips and how-to articles available on their website. 

  • Instant Medical News 

Healthline aims to provide the latest and the most credible news and happenings in the medical world. So, whether you are a medical practitioner or a user simply looking to benefit from the ongoing research and medical news, you will find loads of helpful information here. You can stay abreast with some of the industry’s hottest topics like Covid-19 and its vaccines. Similarly, some other topics include mental health, joint disorders and syndromes, new-found treatments, and technological advances in the field. 

  • Human Body Maps

Apart from this, you can also learn about the human body, the organs, and how they function under the “Human Body Maps.” Experts at Healthline have provided detailed explanations regarding every organ, along with their diagram, purpose, the diseases associated with them, and how to keep them healthy. Again, this is an excellent resource for anyone interested in taking care of their body and the things they should and shouldn’t do.

  • Supportive Community

If you are experiencing any medical condition, join their community and connect with people going through similar experiences. This is a great way to learn, benefit and share experiences with people with the same conditions. 

Healthline Website

What We Love About This Website 

Healthline is the number one health website in the United States. They have an abundance of information that the industry professionals fact-check. Not just they also have the latest, most credible news, plans, and tips to acquire a healthy lifestyle. Here are some more features that make Healthline stand out from the crowd.

  • Credible information on every topic
  • Practical and safe information regarding drugs
  • Wellness plans
  • Community to connect with
  • User-friendly website and well-written content

Website: Healthline

2. WebMD

If you have ever googled a symptom, you might have seen WebMD pop up as one of the top search results. WebMD is a widely used and trustworthy health website that provides valuable health information, tools, and support to its users. Not just that, their content is evidence-based and comes from an editorial team of medical professionals. Over the years, WebMD has produced award-winning content and continuously received recognition and appreciation. 

WebMD Health Services


  • Extensive Offering 

WebMD is one of the internet’s oldest yet highly maintained health websites. You will find everything from coronavirus updates to diseases and disorders, drugs, lifestyle, and meaningful connections to health facilities. WebMD also has many helpful health resources like symptom checkers, blogs, and podcasts. Try them out now to analyze their value and accuracy. 

  • Variety of Categories 

You can read about almost every health condition and disorder in great detail from their blogs. Under each category, they have listed several relevant articles that can cater to a broad audience. The health categories include significant diseases like cancer, arthritis, lung diseases, and coronavirus. They also cover some common health conditions like pain, skin problems, and more.

  • Symptom Checker 

WebMD’s symptom checker is another excellent way to understand what your body is going through. Online symptom checkers are never accurate, but as we mentioned, they give you whereabouts regarding your Health. The symptom checker on WebMD is much more accurate than others available on the internet, and it takes meaningful input and provides possible conditions and treatments for that. But then again, the tool is only built for informational purposes and doesn’t provide serious medical advice. 

  • WebMD Podcast 

The brand has a series of podcasts that covers everything health-related. Previously, they had invited esteemed medical speakers to share insights, helpful tips, and the latest news from the industry. So, if you ever find yourself looking for the current happenings in medicine, WebMD podcasts are a go-to.

  • Hospital Listing

If you are looking for a hospital or a medical facility, WebMD has answers to this as well. They have listed the most credible hospitals, area-wise, that you can visit. Moreover, they have also categorized the hospitals based on what they specialize in. Additionally, to validate their choices, the brand ranks hospitals through a transparent procedure available to all. Moreover, you can also find a doctor near you. The best thing about this service is that it is available worldwide.

  • Detailed Explanation of Medical Procedures

If you are someone who is or will be going through some medical procedure, it is better to read and research about it first. To help you with that, WebMD has listed almost every major medical procedure on its website. Hopefully, after reading that, you will be more confident about what you are going for. All of the procedures are categorized, so it is straightforward to navigate. 

  • Informative Newsletter

You can subscribe to the WebMD newsletter, so you are always up to date with the latest news in the industry. WebMD also gives you a choice to pick your favorite topics and receive updates according to them. 

WebMD Website

What We Love About This Website 

WebMD is one of the oldest, not to mention stable health-related platforms. Here, you will get authentic and credible information. Though there are a lot of features that make WebMD one of the best, we can not list them all. So, we handpicked a few highlights that set WebMD apart from other health and wellness websites. 

  • Professional editorial board
  • Vast network that adds more credibility to the content
  • User-friendly mobile app 
  • Customized newsletter
  • Strict editorial and advertising policy to ensure that only credible content gets posted
  • The articles and the content cover almost every health topic

Website: WebMD

3. Vitals

If you are ever in need of a new doctor, Vitals has got your back. They are currently the most extensive online database containing patient reviews regarding physicians across the United States. Not just that, they also help you find nearby hospitals and pharmacies. Currently, they have a comprehensive list containing over a million specialists and practitioners throughout the country. The list also includes doctors’ ranks, previous clients’ reviews, location, and their primary contact. Check out the list here

The reviewing criteria of the Vitals are alone enough for you to make a decision about a medical practitioner. It includes the time a doctor usually gives to their patients, how accurate the diagnosis is, how prompt are the check-ins and arrivals, etc. Apart from this, you can also learn about the staff and their behavior with the patients. Thankfully, you will not have to search a lot to find the best ones because Vitals automatically recommends the top ones based on reviews.


  • Ensures Health Safety 

Vitals is doing a great job of enabling people to make the right decision when it comes to health facilities. In a field like medicine, you cannot blindly trust anyone, even if they have a medical license. Having a place that provides credible reviews from the patients themselves helps others believe that they are making the right decision. Apart from this, knowing everything about the medical facility you are planning to visit relieves stress and assures you that you are going to the right place. 

  • Wide Categories  

On the Vitals website, you will find medical professionals in almost every category. Whether you are looking for a dentist or neurologist, Vitals has it all. You can browse doctors by their top specialties, which is another excellent way to ensure that you are visiting an expert in the field. 

  • Valuable Information 

Vitals has a wide range of articles that provide credible health-related information. Here, you will find everything from chronic diseases, mental health disorders, cancer, skincare, and more. They have categorized the articles according to the topic, so it is easier for you to browse and get where you want without wasting any time. Speaking of fast searches, you can also search for a medical professional or medical facility by simply entering a word in the search bar. That way, you can get all of the relevant search results that will suit your needs.  

Vitals Website

What We Love About This Website

In a field like medicine, you need to be very careful with whom you trust. Vitals is a website that ensures you are making the right call. Here’s a list that makes the Vitals worth visiting.

  • Trustworthy reviews
  • A huge database of over a million medical professionals
  • Search filters for specific results
  • Informative articles covering a wide range of topics
  • A user-friendly website that is easy to navigate

Website: Vitals

4. Everyday Health

If you want to improve your overall health, you must start with the basics. However, that can be quite challenging if you aren’t already a health professional. There is a lot to learn before starting any health and fitness routine. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of websites providing such information, but you cannot trust them all. We don’t know their source of information or data gathering procedure. Hence, the credibility of their data is also questionable. This is where Everyday Health steps in. 

They provide health and wellness information adhering to the highest standards of accuracy and legitimacy. Their graphics further help understand the subject at hand. Overall, their content is strategized to help you understand the basics and take care of your health. 

Everyday Health


  • Detailed Health Blogs 

Everyday Health has articles on every topic you can think of when talking about health. This includes everything from allergies to immune system disorders and diseases. They cover everything from causes, symptoms, types, prevention, cure, and much more. Moreover, they also have comprehensive guides and blogs available on mental health, oral health, skin and beauty, diet and nutrition, and much more. If you are in search of any such information, check them out now. 

  • Expert-Generated Content 

To guarantee the most reliable information, Everyday Health engages industry experts to generate content for it. This includes board-certified physicians and experienced professionals. You can visit the website for specific names currently associated with the site. Every name is followed by education, expertise, certifications, training, and awards.   

  • Greater Transparency 

Speaking more about Everyday Health’s transparency, they have explicitly mentioned their editorial policy that ensures the content on their website is one hundred percent authentic. They also have an ad policy that keeps their advertising and editorial content separate. Furthermore, they have several affiliate programs on their website; however, their strict ad policies never allow any influence on the editorial content. 

  • Efficient Health Tools

A unique feature that sets Everyday Health apart from many others on the internet is its health tools. Their symptom checker is one of the highlights as it performs a diagnosis and gives standard treatment plans based on your symptoms. It takes basic information such as your age, gender, and medical history along with your symptoms and generates a report based on the input. While the tool is suitable for general treatments and to get an idea of what the signs are pointing towards, you should always consult a physician if things get serious. 

Apart from a symptom checker, you can also use Everyday Health’s hydration tracker to find out whether your water intake is adequate or not. You can also find a lot of information regarding water intake and hydration on their website to learn more and make necessary changes to your lifestyle. 

  • Information on Drugs 

If you ever find yourself looking for a particular drug, simply visit Everyday Health’s drug and supplement section. They have listed almost every primary drug along with its uses, warnings, side effects, dosages, tips and guidelines, and what to expect from the drug. This can help you learn about the medicines that you might be currently taking. Apart from this, this resource is also helpful for practitioners in the field as they can find credible information with just a few clicks. 

  • Latest Update on Trends 

Lastly, with Everyday Health, you can always stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of medicine. They offer the latest research, top stories, and trending topics that can keep you and your family safe and healthy. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest news, health tips, and more right in your inbox. 

Everyday Health Website

What We Love About This Website

Everyday Health has earned a rightful place in the industry, and for all the right reasons. We have listed a few of their top features below.

  • Authentic information 
  • Medical professionals on their editorial team
  • Covers a broad range of topics regarding health, wellness, and medicine
  • Keeps the audience updated on the latest news and topics in medicine
  • Provide tools to identify certain medical conditions and improve overall lifestyle
  • Food and eating tips and diet plans
  • Covid-19 updates, care, and prevention

Website: Everyday Health

5. CareDash

Since 2016, CareDash has been providing transparent and trustworthy information to its users. They offer credible reviews and information regarding healthcare providers and professionals, and health facilities according to the area. Not just that, they are also one of the most well-maintained and up-to-date websites on the internet. With their aim to make healthcare information accessible to all, they are quickly becoming the fastest growing health website of 2022. 

Caredash logo with heart


  • Customer Testimonials 

CareDash is a fan-favorite website, all thanks to its authentic reviews that are meant to make health information accessible for all. They have testimonials from thousands of patients, which makes it easier for new patients to make informed decisions. Moreover, they also have a verification process for their patients so that the reviews on their website are all credible and trustworthy. 

  • Wide Network of Health Facilities 

If we talk about their services, they offer to find you doctors and medical facilities in your area. If you are looking for a medical professional, you can search for them on the website by category. For instance, you can search for therapists, dentists, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, and optometrists. 

Moreover, you can also enquire about a doctor by state or city. Talking about hospitals, you can easily find and review hospitals in your area. Thankfully, they provide all the information you need to make a decision when looking for a hospital. This includes transparent reviews, available doctors in the hospital, staff, communication, follow-ups, billing, and the accuracy of the diagnosis. You can also post a review for a hospital or doctor, but you’ll have to get approved first. The approval process is simply signing up on their website. After that, you can post your reviews and write about your experiences. 

  • Helpful Content 

CareDash also has several other health resources available on its website. You can read about health and wellness, family planning, family well-being, the latest news and cutting-edge medical information, and much more. If that doesn’t satisfy you, read about their editorial team, and it will convince you that you are in good hands.

CareDash Website

What We Love About This Website 

CareDash is one of the most trusted websites that posts authentic, unbiased reviews. Their aim to help others make informed decisions has helped them gain a respectable place in the industry. We have summarized some of the highlights of the website below. 

  • Detailed and honest user reviews
  • The simple approval process for the users to ensure authenticity
  • Latest news and information about the world of medicine
  • Helpful health articles, blogs, and other resources
  • Top medical professionals and healthcare facilities available
  • Newsletter for weekly updates regarding health topics

Website: CareDash

6. eHealthScores

With more than 750,000 customer reviews, eHealthScores is among the most sought-after health websites today. They also offer trustworthy reviews from past clients and patients about the particular doctor or hospital that you are searching for. Therefore, if you are looking for a new doctor or a hospital in your area, eHealthScores has got you covered. They provide a list of the most credible doctors and medical facilities that fit your needs.


  • Extensive Database

eHealthScores has a massive list of medical resources that come directly from the United States database provided by the government. Thanks to them for keeping the list public and allowing users to download it. Moreover, the reviews and the ratings on their website come from actual patients who have availed the services of the hospital or the doctor they reviewed. 

  • Massive Review Statistics 

Currently, they have about 750,000 patient ratings and reviews in their database. This number is constantly growing as more and more people are coming in with trustworthy reviews almost every day. Needless to say, this has helped eHealthScores with their aim to provide accessible health information to all. Read these reviews and decide for yourself. 

  • Variety of Filters

 You can search for a medical provider by simply entering the first letter of their last name. They have over eight hundred health care professionals and more than four million providers that you can search by name. You can also benefit from their built-in filters and categories and search them according to some specified criteria. 

  • Growing Number of Users 

Patients keep coming back to eHealthScores as their reviews are both credible and incredibly comprehensive. With just a glance, you can learn about a hospital’s pricing, directions, contact information, outcomes, and more.

eHealthScores Websites

What We Love About This Website

eHealthScores is one of the most credible websites that never fails to provide an unbiased and authentic review. They have an extensive database containing information about healthcare professionals and hospitals that can come in handy for a lot of patients. We have listed below the features that we love the most on this website. 

  • Extensive database of doctors and hospitals
  • Comprehensive FAQ section
  • Credible user reviews
  • Easy searching of hospitals and medical professionals

Website: eHealthScores

7. AppointmentNet

AppointmentNet is another excellent website that offers quick and easy navigation of doctors and hospitals in your area. They gather data from credible sources, like previous patients, and make it easier for others to view. They also provide convenient searching criteria and recommend the top options for every search.

AppointmentNet Website


  • Responsive Customer Support 

Having a site that provides you with credible information is a huge help, especially if you have no prior idea about the health facilities in the area. So, the next time you are out of the city or state or have shifted to a new one, you won’t have to worry about healthcare, all thanks to AppointmentNet. 

However, if you aren’t confident about this platform or need help with something, email their support team right away. They are quite active and usually respond in a short time. 

  • Easy Searching Criteria 

AppointmentNet offers quick searches that begin when you enter your state name. You can also search for a doctor by city; the choice is all yours. Not just that, you can directly navigate from the google maps that is integrated into their website. Once you have provided the state or the city, the website will show you a list of featured doctors in that area. Enter your city here and search. Remember, if you are filtering by state, the list will be long as it will include medical professionals from all cities. 

  • Specialized Professionals 

Selecting a city can make your search easy, but choosing a specialization can make it even easier. Once you have entered the city, you’ll have a list of specializations to choose from. This way, the website further narrows your search and only shows you the relevant results. Once you select a specialization, it will take you to a list of doctors, and with every doctor, you will find their contact, address that is also available on maps, and other details. Based on your experience, you can also submit an update to the doctor or ask for removal if you had a bad experience. 

AppointmentNet Website

What We Love About This Website

AppointmentNet offers efficient searches for doctors all across the United States. If you are interested in a service like that, here are the highlights that make this website a must-have in your life.

  • An extensive listing of medical practitioners
  • Comprehensive FAQ section
  • Listing categorized under states, city, and specialization

Website: AppointmentNet

8. is another highly ranked website about making people’s lives better and easier. They provide a convenient, and what they like to call, “painless” way to connect with medical professionals. They have an extensive listing of doctors from all across the United States and about one million users visiting their website monthly. These numbers were only possible through the helpful information and services they have provided over time. Website


  • Search and Mark Favorite 

You can search doctors by their name, city, or state. You can also read reviews about the doctors you search for and favorite them for future references. Not just that, you can sign up to receive their newsletter for generous offers, tips, and health news. Subscribe to the newsletter now

  • Ease of Appointment Booking 

At, once you find a suitable doctor, you can book an appointment with them right there. Thus, no new tabs or phone calls are needed. The website keeps it simple – fill in the given fields, and you are good to go. 

  • Reliable Video Consultation 

Another great thing about is its secure video consultations. If you pay for their subscription, you can avail of video visits with your doctors that are one hundred percent safe and secure. However, if you are not interested in paying for their services, you can still search for doctors, get health tips, read helpful blogs, and benefit from health news at a single stop. 

  • Free Health-Related Content 

Under medical specialties, you can check out the featured things that include allergy, cardiology, pediatrics, OBGYN, oncology, and much more. They also have detailed information on medicine, surgeries, cardiac procedures, dermatology, and general practice, to name a few. You can also find helpful information on pain management and mental health topics, all free of cost. Website

What We Love About This Website offers a wide range of health services to its users. We have listed some significant features of the website that will make you favorite the site for all the right reasons. 

  • Help find a suitable doctor
  • Provides comprehensive health resources 
  • Articles and blogs on diseases, disorders, and treatments (surgical and medicinal) 
  • Secure video calls with doctors
  • Online appointments
  • Newsletter for tips and news on healthcare and medicine



Wellness has been working to make people feel better and help them live a long and happy life. With this goal, they constantly work and upload new content for their users. Their content usually focuses on providing answers, connecting like-minded people, and giving tips and recommendations to achieve the ultimate wellness. Logo


  • Covers a Variety of Health Topics 

Whether you want to gain insights about physical wellness, personal hygiene, nutrition, or want to upgrade your lifestyle, has got your back. They have hundreds of articles available on these topics and more that you can read free of cost. They also cover other helpful topics like insurance that can help you in the long run. These articles are grouped in subcategorized, which makes it quite easy to find them.    

  • Excellent Community, Deals, and Discounts

The platform provides exclusive discounts and offers to its users. They also get frequent product sponsors from which their clients can also benefit. Plus, you can join a community and interact through blogs, podcasts, daily horoscopes, and more. The community connects like-minded people and helps you gain valuable insights on topics that interest you. Join the community now

  • Information on Health Facilities 

You can also find doctors, dermatologists, and other health professionals in your area. Not just that, you can also find health stores, senior care, and nursing homes and learn more about health insurance.

  • Remarkable Help Section

If you run a business and want to work with, you can refer to their help center and get started. They have comprehensive FAQ sections and guides that will make sure all of your queries are cleared out. Website

What We Love About This Website offers trustworthy content when it comes to health and wellness. They have covered most of the wellness and fitness topics and are continuing to add more and timely update them. Here are a few highlights that stood out to us about the website. 

  • Credible information on health and wellness topics
  • Easy to find stores, hospitals, health professionals 
  • Community to connect you with like-minded people
  • Mental health awareness



Since 2012, has been on the top of its game, intending to help healthcare organizations assist their patients. They are helping healthcare facilities switch towards the digital world through web-wide listing management, online scheduling across the globe, better patient communication, reputation and review insights, and much more.


  • Revolutionizing Healthcare Sector 

The idea behind is to improve customer service in healthcare facilities and make them more digital. From safe and secure virtual doctor appointments to maintaining robust directories, has successfully bridged the gap with its unparalleled solutions. 

  • Extensive Digital Network also has an extensive network, including prominent collaborators like WebMD, Google,, Vitals, Facebook, Bing, and more. This has been helping them grow the online presence of the healthcare industry, not to mention the unrivaled reach they are getting. 

  • Highly Informative Content 

The platform offers helpful eBooks, videos, and blogs on all things health care. Their blogs cover a wide range of topics, from community to patient experience, enterprise, doctor listing, and more. Check out their webinars, videos, and must-read books to know more about the latest happenings in the industry.  

  • Growing Database can help you find a suitable doctor based on their specialty, location, or insurance. Besides, you can also apply for a job at if you are a medical professional or run a business in the same field. You can visit their job listings to learn more about the recent opportunities. Website

What We Love About This Website is one-of-a-kind in the field and is constantly getting the recognition and support they deserve. We have summarized a few points that set apart for the right reasons.

  • Universal safe and secure virtual visits
  • Robust web-wide listing management
  • Helpful health resources like blogs, eBooks, and videos
  • Transparent and credible healthcare providers


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Final Thoughts

The healthcare industry is slowly making a digital shift for good. This provides the patients with better customer care and convenience and helps them be more aware of their health conditions. However, with so many options available on the internet, there is a high chance of you crossing paths with substandard service providers. Thus, it is essential to thoroughly research the company or the web service that you are going for. Read customer reviews and make sure you hundred percent trust the company. Apart from this, if you are going for online consultations, ensure you have verified the qualifications, certificate, and license of the healthcare provider. 

We hope this list helped you find what you were looking for. As always, take your time researching before you pick a company.