13 Best Hemp Websites of 2022

In 2018, the federal government passed the Farm Bill. This bill removed hemp from the controlled substances list leading to renewed interest. Most CBD products are made from hemp, as marijuana is still illegal. The New Frontier Data forecasts a 16.6% increase by 2025, so we can assume the market will keep growing. 

The good news is that most cannabis niche blogs use CBD-based keywords. Hence, if you build a website in the hemp niche, you will have lesser competition. Furthermore, you have room to talk about industrial hemp and other uses for this plant.

Now, starting your blog or website can be difficult. You need direction on various aspects. These include content types, organizing the data, getting people to sign up for your email list, etc. However, we are here to help. Thus, we have picked out the 13 best hemp websites of 2022 to help you find inspiration. 

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1. Good Hemp

In 1998, the founders of Good Hemp entered the hemp industry as hemp growers. In 2004, they started their own company called Good Hemp. Here, they manufactured products using the very hemp they had grown. Since then, Good Hemp has dedicated itself to protecting the planet from irreversible damage. They also aim to inspire others to participate in this journey. 

Since its start in 2004, the company has come a long way. The website has an average monthly visit rate of over seventy-three thousand. It recorded two hundred and nineteen thousand visits from March to May. The website has a bounce rate of eighty-four percent.

Most of the website’s traffic comes through the US and the UK at thirty and twenty percent, respectively. The website also receives traffic from India, Canada, and Uruguay. Furthermore, the direct and organic search channels generate the most traffic. 

Good Hemp Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Navigation: The website comes with a sticky navigation bar. The navigation bar has options for different website sections like the shop. They have also added dropdown menus to the more extensive website sections. 
  • Special Offers: The website banner features any special offers that the company might be offering at the time. There is also a notification ribbon advertising free shipping on orders over thirty pounds. 
  • Trustpilot: Just below the header, the website links the brand’s reviews from Trustpilot. If users scroll down a bit further, they will also see some of these Trustpilot reviews embedded on the website’s homepage.
  • Popular Products: The website also displays some of its most popular items on the homepage. 
  • Resources: The website offers resources to educate people about hemp and hemp-derived products. Some of the blog posts are also embedded on the homepage. 
  • Email List: If the users continue scrolling down on the homepage, they will get a pop-up inviting them to join the mailing list. The website has an email list that visitors can sign up for. If they enter the email list, they receive updates about product launches, discounts, and other such activities. Additionally, they will also get a ten percent discount on their first order. 

Website: Good Hemp

2. The Hemp Shop

Bobby and Camilla are the founders of The Hemp Shop. Their motto is “Ethical, Sustainable, Ecological,” so everything in their shop fulfills these criteria. To this day, the brand has launched a massive hemp product collection. Visitors can find anything ranging from food to paper on the website.

The Hemp Shop has a massive audience for its website. The monthly visit rate for the website is nearly fifty-three thousand. That number combined with a twenty-three percent bounce rate is phenomenal. The website recorded more than a hundred and fifty-eight thousand visitors in three months. 

Since the website is UK-based, it received sixty-nine percent of its traffic from the UK. The US, India, Netherlands, and Germany contribute to the website’s overall traffic. After analyzing the traffic channels, the most significant traffic is from organic and direct searches. Together these two channels make up ninety-two percent of the total traffic.  

The Hemp Shop

What Did We Like About It?

  • Navigation: Visitors can use the entire upper section of the website for navigation purposes. The uppermost bar has the more general navigation options like contact us, blog, and info. Users can also use the search feature to find more specific products or articles. The actual sticky navigation bar has product categories and sale options.
  • Sale: Visitors can click on the sale option on the navigation bar to find discounted products. They can also use the clothing, food, and CBD categories to see what they need. 
  • Reviews: The website displays the most recent reviews in a separate section on the homepage. 
  • Newsletter: The website has a free newsletter. Visitors need to subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest information about products and offers. All the visitor has to do is enter their email address to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Blog: Visitors can see posts from the blog section on the website’s homepage. The blog contains articles regarding hemp and the various aspects of its usage. The blog received more than fourteen thousand visitors during the last three months. It has a bounce rate of fifty-five percent. 
  • Article Categorization: Bobby and Camilla have categorized the blog posts according to their content. Users can browse these categories from the side of the webpage. They can also use the search feature to find articles related to specific keywords.

Website: The Hemp Shop

3. Hemp Foundation

The Hemp Foundation is a USA-based Indian organization working to help farmers from the Himalayan region market their hemp. In addition, the foundation seeks to educate the masses about the beneficial nature of hemp. They also focus on other aspects, such as helping residents begin hemp farming to alleviate their poverty.

The organization’s website started its journey in 2019. During the last three months, the site recorded seventy-three thousand visits. Last month, there were above fourteen and a half thousand visitors. However, the monthly average for visits is twenty-four thousand. Additionally, the bounce rate is nearly seventy percent.

After breaking down the traffic geographically, we can see that most traffic comes from the US and India. Both these countries generate thirty-four and twenty-six percent of the traffic, respectively. The UK follows close behind with a ten percent share in the website’s traffic. 

Organic searches are responsible for eighty-two percent of the total traffic, meaning the site’s SEO game is on point. For a hemp niche website, we would say the site is doing pretty well. 

Hemp Foundation Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Website Design: The Hemp Foundation website has an elegant website design. The website has sorted everything clearly so that it’s easier to comprehend. Additionally, they use white and green in the website color scheme, which is soothing to look at. 
  • Navigation: The website comes with a sticky navigation bar. The bar has links to different website sections. These sections are women’s clothing, men’s clothing, house furnishing, plastic, paper, yarn, accessories, food, fabric, products, about, and blog.
  • Website Content: As visitors enter the website, they see a website header. The header is a sliding type with snippets showing what the foundation does. After that, the ‘What We are Doing’ sheds more light on their activities. 
  • Blog: The blog is basically the resource center for the website. It is also the section that attracts the most traffic. Since organic searches are responsible fo the most traffic, the articles here have the appropriate keywords and backlinking.
  • Video Gallery: The homepage has a video gallery section. This section features embedded videos from Youtube. The videos cover the foundation’s activities like awareness campaigns and stories from the villages they help.
  • Chat: There is a sticky chatbox on the bottom-right section of the website. Visitors can direct their queries to this box, and they’ll get an answer from the website. 

Website: Hemp Foundation

4. Hemp Today

Hemp Today is a kind of networking service connecting various stakeholders in the hemp industry. The website brings out the latest news in the industry and conveys it to the relevant parties. They also offer marketing and PR services to various hemp sellers and growers. The platform is available in multiple Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and Czech editions.

The Poland-based platform has been around since 2015. During these twelve years, they have racked up quite the following. There traffic stats during the March to May period showed sixty-five thousand visitors. The average monthly visit rate is twenty-one thousand, with twenty-four thousand visitors in May. 

In addition to those stats, the website has a seventy-seven percent bounce rate. The rate may seem high, but for a hemp-niche site, it is pretty standard. The primary traffic channels for the website are direct, organic, and social. Out of the fourteen percent of traffic from social media, eighty percent is from Facebook. Additionally, LinkedIn and Reddit bring in ten and eight percent traffic, respectively. 

Hemp Today Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Homepage Organization: The homepage organization is quite simple. There is a bar at the very top with options for advertising and donation. The header has banners for Hemp Today and CanXChange. Furthermore, there is the navigation bar and notification bar. The body is full of the latest news stories from the industry. 
  • Site Categories: The website has various categories. These include news, newsletter, events, business directory, HT magazine, services, about, and contact. Visitors can access all these sections through the navigation bar.
  • Free Newsletter: The website offers a free newsletter that visitors can subscribe to. Visitors must enter their name and email address for the subscription. Other non-compulsory information includes the company name and website URL. They also have an event list that you can check for updates.
  • Embedded Social Media Icons: The website has embedded social media icons on every information page. Visitors can simply click on these icons to share the information on their social media. The featured social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and email.
  • Live Product Info: The website also features live updates from the CanXChange platform. These updates include exclusive product rates and available quantities. People can click on these updates for redirection to the product pages.
  • Marketing Services: The website offers services such as lead generation campaigns, banner campaigns, verified seller catalogs, custom publications, and more. 

Website: Hemp Today

5. Hemp Industry Daily

The Hemp Industry Daily is like a newspaper for the hemp industry. It has all the latest news regarding hemp as well as market analysis. Like any other newspaper, the website also offers advertising opportunities to the relevant businesses. The Hemp Industry Daily has Anne Holland ventures as its parent company. 

The company has its headquarters in the US and has been running since 2018. The website gets an average of over twenty-one thousand visitors every month. It has recorded nearly sixty-five thousand visitors in the last three months. The website has an eighty-six percent bounce rate. 

Countrywise, most of the traffic comes from the US at eighty-three percent. However, countries like India, Brazil, Canada, and Costa Rica also contribute to the website’s visitor count. Most traffic comes through organic and direct searches at fifty-seven and twenty-three percent, respectively.

In addition to the search channels, the website gets significant traffic, i.e., nearly twenty percent, from social media and referrals. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter contribute the most to the traffic among social media platforms.

Hemp Industry Daily Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Navigation: The website comes with a standard navigation bar. It contains options called ‘Home’, ‘By Region’, ‘By Topic’, ‘Resources’, ‘Events’, and ‘CBD & Hemp Retailer’. The bar also contains a search feature that users can use to navigate more efficiently. 
  • Free Report: The website offers a free report titled “Hemp Variety Yearbook.” However, to access the report, users must enter some information. This information includes their name, email address, country, industry category, and job level. Afterward, users get a downloadable link to their email address. 
  • Homepage Organization: They have divided the homepage into several sections to give it some semblance of organization. These sections include ‘Featured News,’ ‘Company News,’ ‘News Briefs,’ and ‘More Exclusive Features.’
  • Sticky Social Media Icons: The website also features sticky social media icons. These icons include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. Users can click on them to instantly share website items on their social media accounts. 
  • Newsletter: The website also offers a weekly newsletter. Visitors can see a notification ribbon for that newsletter as soon as they enter the website. All they have to do is enter their email address. 

6. Pharma Hemp

Pharma Hemp’s website shows they are a global CBD player working with the same passion as a small business. The brand was around way before hemp-derived CBD became a fad. They were the pioneers of a hemp-based body-care line way back in 1995. They were amongst the first to release CBD products in 2015. 

The Slovenia-based brand has quite a customer base. The website has an average monthly visiting range of nearly fourteen thousand visitors. During the last three months, its website received over forty-one thousand visitors. Additionally, the website has a bounce rate equal to fifty-five percent. 

Since the brand is based in Europe, it gets most of its traffic there. The maximum traffic comes from Germany at twenty-one percent. The rest of the traffic comes from Croatia, India, Spain, the United States, and more. Direct and Organic searches make major contributions to the website’s traffic.

Pharma Hemp Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Navigation: The website has a navigation bar and a hamburger menu for navigation purposes. The standard navigation bar leads to the B2B portal, Support, Company, Tenders, and Blog. The hamburger menu has additional options like CBD drop and pastes and special discounts.
  • Multiple Languages: The website is available in multiple languages. These languages include English, Slovenian, German, and Spanish. Users can access the language controls through the navigation bar or hamburger menu.
  • Subscription: The website offers a free newsletter. All a user has to do is submit their email address. In return, they will receive the newsletter, free CBD ebook, and a fifteen percent discount on their first order.
  • Flash Sales: The brand also has flash sales during which they offer discounts of up to forty percent. 
  • Trustpilot: The website doesn’t pin its own testimonials. Instead, the company relies on third-party review sites. In this case, that is Trustpilot. The website displays its Trustpilot rating at the very top of the page. If customers click on this rating, they are redirected to the actual company page on Trustpilot.  
  • Chat: The website has a chat option on the interface’s right side. Visitors can click on it and fill out a form to receive help with their questions.
  • Blog: The website also comes with a blog. This blog is responsible for sixty-three percent of non-branded organic search traffic. 

Website: Pharma Hemp

7. Hemp Benchmarks

Hemp Benchmarks is a division of the New Leaf Data Services. The website provides a detailed market analysis of the hemp industry. The company has an expert team that analyses all the available for the North American hemp markets. Furthermore, they provide their commentaries on these reports. 

The website is popular among professionals in the hemp industry. That is why it has an average monthly visitor rate of nine thousand. However, the website saw over seventeen thousand visitors in May. 

The website has seen over twenty-seven thousand visitors in the last three months. The website saw a four hundred and thirty-five percent increase in visitor stats in May. It has a bounce rate of over sixty-seven percent. 

The majority of the website traffic is from the US. However, it also receives traffic from Canada, Poland, Ukraine, and China. The direct and organic search channels generate most of the traffic. However, some traffic also comes via social media and referrals.

Hemp Benchmarks Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Navigation Bar: The navigation bar has options for reports and analysis, the hemp market insider, about us, and contact us. It also has an option for visitors to log in. 
  • Market Insider Subscription: The website offers a free subscription for the market insider. Users will receive notifications about upcoming reports and market insights. All they have to do is submit their email and role.
  • Resources: The website includes the hemp market insider, special reports, product definitions, and more.
  • Testimonials: They also feature testimonials from the Spot Index Monthly Report users. These testimonials help convince potential customers to buy the reports. 

Website: Hemp Benchmarks

8. Pure Hemp

The Miquel Family has been in the paper-making business for nearly three hundred years, i.e., since 1725. However, during the 1950s, they started looking for alternatives to the wood pulp for making rolling papers. That’s when they came upon hemp, and thus, in 1996, they launched rolling hemp papers. 

Even though the company has been around for a long time, the brand registered its website domain in 2000. The website has an average of seventy-seven hundred monthly visitors. During the last three months, the website recorded twenty-three thousand visitors. 

Despite being a US-based website, only nine percent of its traffic comes from the US. It receives most of its traffic from Belize, i.e., sixty percent. The rest of the traffic comes from South Africa, Lithuania, Greece, and others. 

Almost all of this traffic is from organic searches. Organic searches account for ninety percent of the total desktop traffic. Direct searches cover the remaining traffic. 

Pure Hemp Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Homepage Organization: The website doesn’t use any flashy graphics to attract the visitor’s attention. Instead, the arrangement is quite quaint. Below the navigation bar is the header. The header contains links to rolling papers and pre-roll cones. Under the header is the introduction to the brand and its story. It follows the introduction with its products. 
  • Navigation: The navigation bar is pretty simple. It links to website sections. In addition to those links are the options for logging in, the search feature, and the cart. The links are called ‘Unbleached’, ‘Classic’, ‘Cones’, ‘Merch’, ‘Size Guide’, ‘Co-Packers’, ‘Shows’, ‘Distro’, and ‘Blog’.
  • CTAs: The brand has placed its CTAs below the products. It has highlighted almost all the CTAs in green, and they say ‘Add to Cart.’
  • Free Shipping: The brand offers free shipping on orders above a hundred and fifty dollars, excluding shipping fees. Unfortunately, they only make this offer for customers in the US and Canada. 
  • Blog: The website also contains a blog that users can access through the navigation menu. All the blog posts are arranged according to their publishing dates. The blog posts by themselves are rather unconventional. 

Website: Pure Hemp

9. Ministry of Hemp

The Ministry of Hemp is a perfect example for both hemp affiliate and niche websites. It’s a resource center that educates the masses about the ingredients being used in their hemp products. Their focus remains on hemp transparency. For that, they are working with the best brands in the country to promote health and wellness.

Ministry of Hemp has been based in California, USA, since 2016. During this time, they have built their credibility to quite some extent. In fact, the site is the first choice for anyone wanting to try out a new hemp product. The website received more than forty-three thousand visitors during the last three months. 

The average monthly visit rate is nearly fourteen thousand and five hundred. Although, last month, the website received nearly ninety-six hundred visitors. The bounce rate for the website is seventy-five percent. Most of the website traffic comes from the US, Canada, Brazil, Vietnam, and Australia.

Ministry of Hemp Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Sticky Social Media Icons: Every article on the website has sticky social media icons. These icons show how many times people have shared that particular article. They also allow users to instantly share the article. The featured sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mix, Email, Print, and link addresses.
  • Hemp and CBD Guides: The website’s main purpose is to educate people on hemp and its products. The website covers what hemp is, its benefits, its differences from marijuana, and more. Similarly, it has guides on CBD that visitors can read before trying out the products. 
  • CBD reviews: The website offers the best CBD guides for its users. Each guide starts with a list, followed by a detailed review of each item. The reviews start with a brand overview, product highlights, and a list of pros and cons. These reviews contain affiliate links that they disclose in the website header.
  • Monthly Newsletter: Ministry of Hemp has a monthly newsletter. Users can subscribe to the newsletter by entering their email addresses. 
  • Videos and Podcasts: The website also contains video guides for visual or auditory learners. In addition to the video guides, there are regular podcasts with industry experts. The podcasts also feature people trying hemp products and getting high.

Website: Ministry of Hemp

10. Hemp Collective

The Hemp Collective is a company manufacturing hemp products through sustainable methods. The brand prides itself on being committed to a zero-waste policy. They also help others embrace this policy by providing them with sustainable hemp products. All the products are completely Australian-made. 

The brand has been functioning since 2019. It has established itself as a reputable name in the Australian hemp industry during this time. During the last three months, the website received thirteen thousand and four hundred visitors. All of them were from Australia. 

In May, the website received over five thousand visitors. That is a hundred and one percent increase on last month’s numbers. The website gets most of its traffic from direct searches. However, organic searches and referrals also contribute to the overall number. 

Hemp Collective Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Website Design: The website has a modern design with subtle transitions. It also features a soothing color scheme and stunning graphics. The main website background is white with splashes of blue. However, the pictures featured on the website are HD quality. 
  • Sticky Navigation Bar: The website comes with a sticky navigation bar so that users don’t have to keep scrolling to find it. The bar has options for getting to different web pages, with dropdown menus where appropriate. Additionally, it also features the links to social media for the platform.  
  • Embedded Video: The website homepage has an embedded video that features the brand’s pet range. 
  • Reviews: The website has a sticky button that users can click on for a pop-up of the reviews. Alternatively, users can scroll down to the review section and read the reviews.
  • Chat Box: The website also features a live chat. Users can use this option to address their queries to live agents. 
  • Resources: The website also contains resources like articles. These blog posts cover different topics like the use of hemp products in pets. They also talk about hemp’s sustainability. Additionally, the website can also help users find hemp stockists near them.

Website: Hemp Collective

11. High Grade Hemp Seed

High Grade Hemp Seed was among the first farms licensed to grow hemp in the US. However, they proceeded to go further and started supporting the entire hemp farming community. They introduced new hemp strains and gave other farmers access to premium hemp seeds. 

Bodhi Urban founded the company in 2011. Since then, the company has been based in Colorado, USA. In addition to selling hemp seeds, the brand has a blog which has brought in significant traffic. During the last three months, the website received eleven thousand visitors. The website saw a forty-two percent increase in website traffic in May. 

The bounce rate for this website is seventy-five percent. The website traffic comes from the US, France, India, Canada, and Brazil. These countries account for nearly sixty-seven percent of the total traffic. In terms of traffic-generating channels, organic, direct, and social media channels come out on top. Six percent traffic social media traffic comes through Facebook alone. 

High Grade Hemp Seed Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Website Design: The website has a rather modern design that is fun to browse through. It displays its contact number and social media accounts at the very top of the homepage. Next up is the navigation bar, followed by a sliding header. They used premium graphics and visualized information through graphs. 
  • Navigation: Visitors can use the navigation bar to navigate the website. The bar has links to various website sections. These sections are named ‘Home’, ‘Inside High Grade’, ‘Hemp Strains’, ‘Our Collection’, ‘Resources’, and ‘Contact Us’.
  • Sticky Social Media Icons: The website uses sticky social media icons. Users can use these icons to post website material directly to their social media accounts. The accounts featured here are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. 
  • Endorsements: Endorsements are important for any brand hoping to sell goods. Since High Grade Hemp Seed has plenty of those, they have displayed them on their homepage. If users click on these, they will be redirected to the relevant articles by the company or featuring them. 
  • Blog: Visitors can find the company’s blog under the resources section on the navigation bar. The main body of this webpage features blog posts in order of their posting dates. However, users can find an option to select blog categories on the right side. 
  • eBooks: The website has three ebooks. Visitors can get access to the ‘Tips from Field Guide’ by submitting their email. However, for the ultimate guides, they need to submit more information. This additional information includes phone numbers, state, and acreage. After the website gets the information, they send the users a downloadable link for the book.

12. OGHemp

OGHemp is a brand dedicated to providing the world with paper made from hemp. According to the company, their paper is durable, premium quality, and can be recycled seven times. With their unique idea, they hope to give the hemp industry new life and be eco-friendly at the same time. 

The OG team started OGHemp in 2018 in West Bengal, India. Since then, this Indian has been steadily climbing up in the hemp industry. From the March to May period, the website recorded ten thousand visitors. Seventy-seven and twenty-two percent of the traffic come through mobile and desktop devices, respectively. 

Since the company is based in India, it accounts for sixty-nine percent of the traffic. However, the US also generates significant traffic at thirty-one percent. The company brings in traffic through multiple avenues, including direct, organic, and paid searches and social media.  

The nineteen percent of social media traffic is almost entirely via Facebook. On the other hand, paid search terms bring in nine percent of the total traffic. Organic searches bring in the most visitors, accounting for forty-four percent of the total traffic.

OGHemp Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • Sticky Navigation Bar: The website has a convenient sticky navigation bar. The bar has the options for ‘Home’, ‘Shop’, ‘About Us’, ‘B2B’, ‘Process’, ‘Power of Hemp’, and ‘Contact’. The option for the website’s shop has a dropdown menu that leads to more specific product categories. 
  • Website Design: The website has a minimalist, efficient design. They have used simple graphics to highlight their product and build its demand. The website’s color scheme is predominately light. However, in the parts where the company is asking visitors to take any action, it has used darker colors. In short, they use darker colors to highlight the area around the CTAs.
  • Endorsements: Just below the headers is the endorsement section. In this section, the company has included the logos for every publication that has featured them. Users can click on these logos to see those specific pieces. 
  • Hemp Blog: Users can find the company’s blog by clicking on the Power of Hemp option on the navigation bar. The relevant webpage lists the benefits of hemp. However, as visitors scroll down, they will come upon the blog posts. 
  • Downloadable Catalog: The company has a B2B customizable range. In this range, they offer boxes, bags, and branding solutions. They also offer a downloadable catalog for these products. However, to download the catalog, the visitor must enter their name, email, country, and mobile number.   

Website: OGHemp

13. The Hemp Co.

The brand started out twenty-five years ago. When the founders realized that there was a lack of hemp-derived products made in Australia, they decided to change that. Today, they have one of the largest hemp harvests in Australia. During this period, they have launched different products like skincare, food, clothing, etc., all made from hemp.

During these twenty-five years, the brand has emerged as a prominent brand in Australia. Its website has gotten over eight thousand visits during the last three months. It also had a sixty-five percent increase in traffic in May. The rate may seem insignificant at first. However, if we combine it with the nineteen percent bounce rate, the website is doing incredible.

As expected from an Australian website, it gets sixty percent of its traffic from there. After Australia, it gets twenty-six percent of its traffic from the US. The rest of the major countries are India, Canada, and Israel. Most of the traffic comes through organic searches.

The Hemp Co. Website

What Did We Like About It?

  • The Hemp Co. Digest: As soon as users enter the website, they see a pop-up. The website offers a weekly digest. If users subscribe to it, they can get a fifteen percent discount on their next order. To subscribe, the visitors have to enter their names and email address.  
  • Sticky Navigation Bar: The cool thing about this navigation bar is that they haven’t crowded it with a thousand options. Visitors can see the simple home, shop, information, and hemp blog options. Instead of increasing the options, they have added dropdown menus where necessary. 
  • Awards & Testimonials: The brand has dedicated a section of its website to showcase the awards they have received. If users scroll a little more, they’ll come across testimonials from real customers.
  • Free eBooks: The website also offers three free ebooks. All visitors have to do is enter their name and email address. Afterward, the brand sends the download link to the user’s inbox. 
  • Chat: On the bottom right corner of the website is the chat option. The chatbox tells visitors to leave a message that they’ll get back to. The chat is powered by a bot that records the visitor’s email address. The brand can later use this email address to get back to them.
  • Blog: The website also has a blog that contains information on everything ranging from hemp clothing to Delta-9 THC. These articles are arranged in the order in which they were published. 

Website: The Hemp Co.

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That brings our list of the twelve best hemp websites of 2022 to an end. One thing all these websites have in common is a blog. They have optimized their blog posts so taht they can bring in the maximum organic traffic. Moreover, these brands use email and social media marketing to get the customers to return. 

If you plan on starting an affiliate website, we recommend declaring your relationship with the brands. These declarations help with your credibility. Furthermore, you need to make full use of SEO to drive traffic to your website. 

Hemp is a difficult niche to get into. You need to be an expert in the niche to provide correct information to the users. If you can build your authority in the field, you will get a high conversion rate and plenty of traffic.